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Core Seminar: A LIFE OF EASE


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Release Childhood Conditioning, Remove Fears, Unsupportive Beliefs & Restore Freedom

In this fun and powerful 2-Day-Transformational Seminar is an introduction to The SOURCE CODE work and focuses on releasing MIND patterns, childhood conditioning, unsupportive beliefs and limiting habits. By utilizing THE CODE you will experience freedom from the illusions of fear, gain the ability to create harmonious relationships and live your life with ease.

Most human beings are unaware of the magnitude that childhood conditioning, parental imprinting and disturbing occurrences from adolescence influence our adult behavior. We all are recipients of the accumulated experiences of our ancestry. During this weekend we clear the storage banks of your system from conditioned behaviors and unsupportive patterns.

Embedded in our Human DNA is a complex network of structured codes operating our consciousness, which we refer to as the human SOURCE CODE. You will learn how to access your own consciousness with simple yet powerful tools and will be trained so you can master and utilize these tool on your own. With the utilization of an extensive protocol, we achieve a foundational clean-up of your past and optimize each aspect our mind on a cellular level. For more information please go to The SOURCE CODE

Thank you for teaching this life altering work!

I have had a tremendous shift in my  thought patterns with absolutely no effort and it all truly seems magic.

The 2- Day OPTIMIZE YOUR SOURCE CODE Seminar is a process of peace that has now changed me forever and instead of starting a new chapter in life, I have a brand-new book!


Rebecca Wilson, 

Owner Wailea Healing Center

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