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 Each human body consists of innumerable individual parts and groups of consciousness. 

Through our research, we have been successful in accessing all the consciousness structures of the body. We now can retrieve information to find the cause of specific illnesses; address irritations, physical ailments and disease; and find the optimal path of SELF-healing. We also include the necessary modifications to our body consciousness to sustain the expansion of our being with ease.

During Raymond & Bella’s 2-Day-Seminar I could actually FEEL my energy shifting. Areas of my life that had been stuck began to dissolve and melted back into the field of Love.

I let go of a lifetime of self-made constructs effortlessly, allowing them to fall away. I’d highly recommend this weekend for everyone!          


Lisa Cary,

Somatics Teacher


Remove the Cellular Storage in your Body,

Heal the Pain of the Past, & Restore Peace

The “RE-WRITE YOUR BODY CODE” weekend focuses on the cellular memories stored in the physical BODY. You will release inherited ancestral patterns, traumatic experiences of illnesses, surgeries, accidents etc., and learn to self-heal pain, suffering and irritations. Establish a renewed balanced relationship with your body, leading to optimal health and wellbeing.


Gain freedom by releasing the underlying control mechanisms that govern the operation of your PHYSICAL BODY. Our research confirms that deeper layers of consciousness maintain the status quo of our physical life and govern the aging process. We have found that every accident, injury, surgery, abuse and trauma is recorded in the cells of our body, whether they occurred in this lifetime or are inherited from our ancestry. As long as these control mechanisms are still active, we cannot permanently be aligned with Love.


Have you noticed how easy it is to fall back into unsupportive habits?

Although we know better, we often default into self-sabotaging behaviors that reproduce undesired results. During this weekend seminar you will remove the subconscious programming that permeates each of your cells. We will focus on every part of your body, each system that operates your physique and all of your organs. Every pain, illness and injury, hidden addictions and the memory storage of your sexuality will be addressed with an extended protocol with a new SYSTEMIC CELL CODE.


During this weekend we will guide you to collapse the constructs that keep you restricted and remove what has been installed in your system WITHOUT your knowledge. In addition we will perform a deep clearing of the historical records associated with your inherited programing. You will learn how to release pain and suffering, by re-aligning what is out of balance and self-heal health issues.


The body enables us to accomplish all the things that we choose to experience and everything that is in store for us during this lifetime. It is our responsibility to care for our body and see it as a sanctuary so it can perform its service and support us on our path, unrestricted, to old age. With the utilization of an extensive protocol, we achieve a foundational clean-up and optimize each system of our body on a cellular level.

Included in your ticket is one virtual LIVE follow-up-call on ZOOM with Bella & Raymond in which you receive updates, share experiences and ask questions.


The prerequisite to attend this seminar is our CORE LEVEL: A LIFE OF EASE!

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