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Visionaries see a bigger picture and have a sense for the possibilities yet to be unlocked. They know the current fear-based reality is the reflection of a limited consciousness.


Unfortunately, many forward thinkers face similar obstacles and struggle with restrictive beliefs, habits and patterns.They are often misunderstood and experience self-doubt, lack of clarity and the fear of failure. Daily they face resistance, conflict and rejection, which debilitates their creative energy and challenges their sensitive nature.

It is our experience that most creative people are knowledgeable in their respective fields, but they lack the understanding of how to access consciousness to create from an optimal state. Their primary focus is on DOING everything to achieve their goal, which leaves little attention to BEING self-observant to understand how they are creating their own difficulties. 

During this weekend you will discover your creative powers to become a master manifestor.


Step into the 5th Dimension 

Access your Power of Creation and Manifest your Dreams

Building on our two initial Seminars, this MASTERY LEVEL: UNLEASH YOUR POWER OF CREATION expands your active consciousness development and guides you toward mastery. This seminar is the zenith of the Source Code process and is focused on freeing your SPIRIT from the entrapments of programmed human behavior, that keep you confined in this limited fear-based existence. You will discover and remove the mechanisms that separate you from stepping into your 5-D-consciousness to stay connected to your divine Source. Manifest your dreams with increased speed, power, creativity and vision and become the creator of your own reality.


This weekend is designed for those who want to live in the New Paradigm of Love, expressed through optimal health, abundant wealth, freedom, wisdom and happiness. During this 2-Day comprehensive program we will awaken your consciousness to utilize your Power of Creation, you will reveal your hidden gifts and discover your life purpose. You discover superordinate forms of consciousness that regulate life and govern every aspect of your human condition. You will dissolve the fundamental limitations of your earthly being and release the restrictive 3D-structure of your life, which allows you to have the ultimate freedom of choice.


You will learn how to effortlessly overcome daily challenges, bringing your idea or project to fruition in the shortest amount of time. You proceed with expanded clarity and increased efficiency to accelerate results while maintaining a state of equanimity and joyous creation.

It is part of Bella & Raymond’s life purpose to inspire, support and guide visionary leaders, change agents and philanthropists on their quest to navigate the New Paradigm. If you are passionate about creating a new reality for a better world by shifting consciousness and becoming a powerful catalyst for change, we can assist you in manifesting your vision with clarity, focus and... ease!

Included in your ticket is one virtual LIVE follow-up-call on ZOOM with Bella & Raymond in which you receive updates, share experiences and ask questions.


The prerequisite to participate in this seminar are our two previous seminars (CORE LEVEL: A LIFE OF EASE and ELEVATION LEVEL: RE-WRITE YOUR BODY CODE)!

The SOURCE CODE SEMINARS was one of the most exciting programs I have ever attended. I felt like the missing pieces finally fell into place and the puzzle was complete. No more shame, no feeling of not being good enough.


Everything is easier now, I feel lighter and more relaxed as if I’m reborn. My body is One with my consciousness and now I can function at 100%.


Wicky-Beau Koelma,

Breast Cancer Survivor

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