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for an individual, couple, family or a group 

We offer single targeted sessions for an individual, couple, family or a group in which we address time-sensitive problems, important issues, or challenging obstacles.


Whether a situation is at an impasse, a decision has to be made, or clarity and direction is needed, Raymond and Bella’s ability to immediately hone in to the underlying core issue and clear what is obstructing the flow is of greatest value.

In only one session we are able to resolve most problems on the spot.

These focused sessions are available In-Person or may be delivered remotely via videoconference (virtual via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime) or phone. For immediate resolution or in pressing situations request specialized assistance from Raymond and Bella Moliné.

To schedule a PRIVATE ONE-ONE-SESSION with Bella & Raymond please contact us via email or phone


Most creative people are knowledgeable in their respective fields, but they lack the understanding of how to access consciousness to create from an optimal state. Their primary focus is on DOING everything to achieve their goal, which leaves little attention to BEING self-observant to understand how they are creating their own difficulties. Visionaries see a bigger picture and have a sense for the possibilities yet to be unlocked. They know the current fear-based reality is the reflection of a limited consciousness. Unfortunately, many forward thinkers face similar obstacles and struggle with restrictive beliefs, habits and patterns. They are often misunderstood and experience self-doubt, lack of clarity and the fear of failure. Daily they face resistance, conflict and rejection, which debilitates their creative energy and challenges their sensitive nature.


It is part of Bella & Raymond’s life purpose to inspire, support and guide visionary leaders, change agents and philanthropists on their quest to navigate the New Paradigm. If you are passionate about creating a new reality for a better world by shifting consciousness and becoming a powerful catalyst for change, we can assist you in manifesting your vision with clarity, focus and... ease!

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