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DEEP HEALING and REALIGNMENT with Bella & Raymond

Rustic Beach Path


Access the healing Wisdom of your own Body 

Request specialized assistance from Raymond and Bella Moliné when health issues arise. With an extensive healing protocol, we access the consciousness of irritation/disease or discomfort and are able to reveal what caused the issue.


Together we discover your path of self healing, and guide you through every message that your body has for you. This is the most powerful process in which you learn to address future health issues on your own and become the master of your well-being.


These focused sessions are available In-Person or may be delivered remotely via videoconference (virtual via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime) or phone. For immediate resolution or in pressing situations request specialized assistance from Raymond and Bella Moliné.

To schedule a PRIVATE ONE-ONE-SESSION with Bella & Raymond please contact us via email or phone

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