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After the recent devastating fires on our beloved island of Maui, Hawaii, The PONO Institute, in collaboration with our non-profit organization, ELUMINA MAUI, has a singular focus: providing essential resources to support both the immediate and long-term recovery needs of our island community, which has been profoundly affected by the devastating wildfires.

Our hearts go out to the countless families and businesses that have been deeply impacted by the Maui fires. Through this page, our primary objective is to furnish valuable information, resources, and unwavering support to those who are currently facing challenging circumstances.

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In our united pursuit of resilience, we are wholeheartedly committed to extending a compassionate helping hand to our fellow community members as we embark on the journey of recovery, rebuilding, and renewed strength. As part of these efforts, we have shifted 100% of our focus to provide essential emotional disaster relief, offering a range of FREE Programs to support those impacted by the recent events:


1. Trauma/PTSD/Grief/Loss Counseling:

Our dedicated coaches and counselors are here to provide empathetic and professional support to individuals dealing with trauma, PTSD, grief, and loss.


2. Mindfulness, Meditation, Guidance:

We offer mindfulness and meditation sessions, providing guidance and tools for coping with stress and emotional challenges.


3. Health/Nutrition & Wellness Coaching:

Our wellness coaches can help to maintain physical and mental well-being during these challenging times, focusing on nutrition and overall health.


4. Sound Healing, Yoga, Breath-Work:

Explore the healing power of sound, yoga, and breath-work to promote relaxation and emotional well-being.


5. Light Code Medicine/Activation:

Discover the transformative potential of Light Code Medicine and Activation techniques to aid in your recovery journey.


6. Art Therapy - Creativity Workshops:

Engage in creative expression as a means of therapeutic healing through our art therapy workshops.

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Additionally, we are actively developing tailored assistance and support for our community, including:


Online Learning Programs:

Access live Zoom courses and a community platform to expand your knowledge and skills.


Live In-Person Events on Maui:

Join us for events hosted on Maui to foster community connections and healing, as well as virtual events for wider accessibility.


Individual Sessions:

Explore alternative approaches to trauma, grief, and loss counseling through one-on-one sessions.


Small Group Meetings and Team Meetings:

Tailored support for organizations and teams that have been affected, helping you navigate these challenging times collectively.


We stand together with you, committed to providing the support and resources needed to rebuild and strengthen our resilient community.

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