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At The PONO Institute our team of specialists has one focus: to research human consciousness for the development of experiential curricula to remove the effects of external conditioning and collective imprinting. We explore consciousness, investigating its properties, attributes, capacities, phenomena and bodies of manifestation. We study the causes behind the unsupportive behavior of people, organizations and communities.

In seminars, workshops and retreats, we educate individuals and groups to optimize the effects of the conditioned programs of life, which we call OPTIMIZE YOUR SOURCE CODE™. We provide simple yet powerful tools that allow people to free themselves from the illusions of fear, dependency, lack and suffering.


Our programs empower our clients to create their own unlimited reality and to experience freedom and alignment with the New Paradigm. Our processes assist each person to orientate themselves toward their highest potential and always in alignment with the highest good of all involved.


In 2017, we accomplished a milestone in consciousness research. With the new data we have achieved significant results. Our discoveries clearly show how the hidden structures of our consciousness can be accessed and altered in a simple way to get optimal results. In numerous studies we have succeeded in quickly and sustainably resolving even the most diverse of life’s challenges. By optimizing the corresponding structures of consciousness, we now can eliminate daily struggles completely.


The protocols of the programs have been utilized by hundreds of participants. The insights and tools derived from this work provide a revolutionary manual for all those who are willing to focus on optimizing their internal structures. It is now possible to shape life to its highest potential.


Our civilization is on a precipice, with disastrous consequences looming. To prevent the eminent calamity, permanent transformation of consciousness in each individual is more urgent than ever. We aim to make evolutionary leaps in the shortest possible time.


Our society is founded on a fear-based matrix that is imperceptible by the masses. It is difficult to focus on creating the future that we desire when the effects of old imprinted conditioning and subconscious patterns prevent us from manifesting a new reality. It is impossible to shift what we envision if our limiting beliefs stay the same. Only when our current state of consciousness has been reshaped and unsupportive patterns have been transmuted can new unrestricted behaviors be developed.


Once the veils of illusions are removed, we see the preciousness of our true connection to everything and begin to live a life of PONO (Hawaiian for “in harmony with everything”). As the collective consciousness is optimized, it will shift from the current fear-based 3rd-dimension reality to the 5th-dimension paradigm of LOVE.

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