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Please contact us so we can create the optimal treatment plan for you.


At the PONO Institute, we provide Alternative Trauma Resolutions (A.T.R.) treatment plans that extend beyond the confines of traditional clinical approaches.

While conventional therapy has long held a prominent role in trauma treatment, we recognize that it may not be the best fit for everyone. A.T.R. treatments offer gentle, holistic methods for healing trauma, free from the constraints of formal diagnoses or prescription medication. These approaches are meticulously designed for individuals who are ready and eager to participate in an active role in their personal journey towards recovery, rejuvenation, and a renewed future.


Trauma is a response to profoundly disturbing events that can disrupt our ability to cope, leaving you feeling helpless. It can also erode your sense of self and limits the capacity to experience a full spectrum of emotions and life experiences. At the PONO Institute, we are committed to extending empathetic and expert support to individuals coping with trauma, PTSD, as well as the challenges of grief and loss.


Our dedicated coaches and counselors are here to help navigate these difficult experiences with care and professionalism. Please contact us so we can create the optimal treatment plan for you.

Thank you for teaching this life altering work!

I have had a tremendous shift in my thought patterns with absolutely no effort and it all truly seems magic. Your work is a process of peace that has now changed me forever and instead of starting a new chapter in life, I have a brand-new book!


Rebecca Wilson, 

Owner Wailea Healing Center

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