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Pono is the ancient Hawaiian practice of being in balance and connected to all things.

The word means ‘right’ and describes that exquisite sense of equanimity, which comes from being at one with everything. It is the spirit of Aloha. It is an inward journey of discovering our true greatness and experience harmony in our daily life, in spite of any circumstance.


Pono is more than a belief that you are right. It is the knowledge when you are true from your intuitive nature,

your “gut” feeling. This is your knowing of right and wrong, which has nothing to do with your mana’o (intellect/thoughts)or pu’uwai (heart-emotions). However, it has everything to do with tuning in into your na’au

(your intuition) to achieve balance, harmony and alignment. You know exactly when you are being pono and when you are not. You are either in the canoe, or out of the canoe. No gray zones or negotiations possible!

United Nations of PONO.JPG

RayBella's Original Artwork:
THE United Nation of PONO

The ancient Hawaiian concept of PONO is the principle of integrity and balance, kuleana - self-responsibility, honor and respect.

Being pono means “doing what’s right”. The state of pono is present at the core of each person. It is a choice. A way of being. Living a life of pono means to honor our self, our fellow humans, mālama the land, the plants, the animals and to respect every living thing.

It is the reverence for life itself. And the appreciation for the journey that is before us. Pono allows for peace.
A spirit of cooperation, sharing and support for each other based on the fundamental truth that we are one Ohana.


Pono invites us to focus on what unites us and to release any form of separation. In solidarity we are powerful agents for change.
Ua mau ke ea o ka ‘aina i ka pono
The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.

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The PONO Way®

‘The Pono Way’ is a holistic life-philosophy that ends fear, judgment and suffering. Designed by Bella & Raymond Moliné, Founders of the PONO Institute, it is a humanistic approach that provides a reorientation of fundamental principles for profound transformation of consciousness.


Drawing upon the powerful indigenous wisdom of the ancient Hawaiians ‘The Pono Way’ offers a pragmatic manual for the pursuit of well-being, abundance and love. Designed as a multidisciplinary course of study ‘The Pono Way’ teaches progressive techniques, tools and processes that accelerate each person’s quest beyond their desired outcome. In the spirit of conscious living ‘The Pono Way’ is a viable body of work with real-life implications. Through a systematic process of purification all experiences of pain, lack and separation are released. The principles of the Nine Essentials serve as an activator for self-actualization.

‘The Pono Way’s core emphasis is the expansion of each individual’s ability to form successful relationships throughout every aspect of life. Our human capacity to develop deep connections and relate authentically to each other and every ‘thing’ is key for fulfillment. Relationships are integral in daily living and essential as an avenue for personal evolution. It is through relationships that growth occurs and solutions are realized.


The PONO Institute honors the stewardship of our environment, supports the purification of our natural food resources, commits to the healing of mental and physical health, participates in restoring our spiritual connection, and allows for the re-alignment of purpose, strength and courage to redirect our collective path.

This new paradigm is marked by an expansion of the inner space of heart and mind to experience freedom from the illusions that control and manipulate our life. It is the re-awakening of our true nature, the acceptance of the inter-dependent connection to all things. As our human family transcends the toxic nature of our processed-sedentary lifestyle into the acceptance of self-responsibility, a new perspective on life is revealed.

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