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After extensive research in diverse fields such as biology, epi-genetics, chemistry, quantum physics, mathematics and computer programming, we came to the conclusion that every human being is encoded with an divinely written operational manual to access limitless consciousness. Embedded in our DNA is a complex network of structured codes operating our consciousness, which we refer to as the SOURCE CODE.


Genes, like people, have families — lineages that stretch back through time, all the way to a founding member. The origin of our human consciousness is present from our very first incarnation. Human beings were initially designed with the purest intention and from the highest frequency of love. The original human SOURCE CODE was perfection, and each of us carries this primordial coding within our human DNA.


Throughout history and human evolution, humankind has become the recipient of all the stored information gleaned from each life experience. All events in our lineage are recorded in the form of data in our epigenetic DNA, including the meaning and interpretations that were given to those experiences. Our consciousness is the storage facility for our memories, a hard drive with the capacity to store millions of gigabytes, deeply rooted in our cells. This “memory bank” literally holds the energetic signature of every occurrence experienced by our family.


Imagine a lengthy Word document that has been edited by millions of people over millions of years, and every single one of them left track changes. In a way, we all have inherited altered and corrupted files that were transferred to us by our ancestors, grandparents and parents, making us the conditioned offspring we are today. Our primordial coding of LOVE is often so contorted and obscured that it is obliterating our ability to even remember our original intention.


Not only do we receive the physical DNA traits of our ancestry, but we also inherit their emotional disposition based on their life experiences: each fight for survival; every trauma, oppression and transgression; all of the hurt, pain and suffering is still present in its original energetic form. These stored impressions are unconsciously triggered by unrelated events that often cause over-reaction, unexplainable emotional outbreaks and the perpetuation of fears.


Only human beings have the ability to internalize countless information patterns and later arrange them into long strings of interpreted scenarios, made-up stories and fabricated justifications. We compare and analyze past scenarios stored in our internal database to make decisions in the present moment. Since our choices are informed by the interpretations of our past, we basically perpetuate the cycle of distorting the code.


When we look at the disjointed state of the collective consciousness of humanity today, it is evident that the majority of people unconsciously carry a “self-sabotaging virus.” A virus is a genetic parasite. Much like a computer virus designed to infect programs and files, it alters the way your computer operates or stops it from working altogether by infiltrating its genetic code into its host's cells and hijacking them, turning them for its own purposes.


Fear is like an insidious virus that has permeated every aspect of our life. The original fear was our anxious fight for survival. Fear then gave birth to perceived dangers, phobias, panic, angst, anxiety, protective behaviors, which created beliefs, dogma, stress, judgment and criticism leading to separation and the constant need for control. Our perceived fears and compulsions have been exacerbated by cultural imprinting and massive social programming. They became the emotional viruses corrupting our consciousness and undermine the primordial SOURCE CODE of Love. Fears are the core cause and self-perpetuating malaise of our essence, clearly in opposition of love, which continue to disrupt our otherwise genius operating system.


After many years of research and collaborative efforts with our associates from international consciousness research centers, we developed the Protocol to OPTIMIZE YOUR  SOURCE CODE™.


As a precise tool, it has the capability of accessing the primordial code of a human being to strip away the invisible corrupted information files. It systematically sweeps through each layer of consciousness and removes what sabotages us and is out of alignment with love. The OPTIMIZE YOUR  SOURCE CODE™ Protocol enters the cellular memory banks, filters through the stored data and re-aligns the system back to its original intention.


Love is the state of the absence of all suffering and fear. Once we neutralize fear, we have ultimate freedom.


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